What’s Up, Tay?

These past couple of weeks have been a bit blurry, what with finals and all.  I always get into a mode of finding other things to do along with the stress of whatever I have to do.  So I’ve been mending and re-vamping my wardrobe (all by hand, I might add, as I don’t own a sewing machine at the moment).  And I’ve been designing up a storm.  And being inspired up a storm.  I’ve got this little sketch book I’m determined to fill up before summer is over, which is only two and half months away (hopefully).  On top of it all, I’m still waiting to know for sure if I can go to New York in the Fall.  Cross your fingers for me.

Been Sewing:

Two dresses I took from ill-fitting to new favorites.

Was: Way too short tank dress from Ross.

Was: Pattern-made, bust-too-small halter dress.

Been watching:

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Star Wars


Been designing:

Mainly shoes and bags.  Oddly, I keep coming up with ideas for actual fashion shows that I think would be amazing that I want to build collections around.  I know that’s slightly backwards, but it may just work out.  I also recently came up with my own highly mathematical way of drawing shoes so that I have a blank canvas to design on every time.  They’re about 5 inches without platforms, but I’m excited anyway!


Word of the Day – Wimple


1. (n.) A piece of cloth wrapped in folds around neck and over head. Worn by nuns. Also worn outdoors by women in general during Middle Ages. Revived at various periods; usually attached to the hat in back and folded around the face.

2. (v.) To arrange in pleats or folds, as a veil.

Definition from A Dictionary of Costume and Fashion: Historic and Modern by Mary Brooks Pickens (Dover Pubications, 1985).

Word of the Day – Spencer

Spencer (n.).

1. Short, tight jacket, often fur-trimmed. Worn by women and children in 19th century.

2. Short jacket worn by men in 19th century.

3. Wig worn in England in 18th century.


Definition from A Dictionary of Costume and Fashion: Historic and Modern by Mary Brooks Pickens (Dover Pubications, 1985).

Images from FashionEra.com.

Favorite New Arrivals from Forever21

a. Floral Brushed Woven Tunic – $17.80

b. Bicycle Watch Necklace – $9.80

c. Floral Lace Heels – $24.80

d. Linen Blend Polka Dot Short – $17.80

e. Peacock Bracelet (in Pink/Blue and Lime/Blue) – $6.80

f. Floral Lace Up Sandals – $19.80

g. Sunny Floral Dress – $29.80

h. Abstract Print Pants – $19.80

i. Quilted Leatherette Bag – $20.80

j. Painted Pressed Bangles – $6.80

k. Two Tiered Bead Necklace – $12.80

l. Classic Bow Heels (in Nude – also in Black and Coral) – $22.80

m. Carved Flowers Necklace – $8.80

H&M Fall/Winter 2011

H&M’s new collection for FW 2011 is fantastic.  I especially like look one (the shoes! the hat! the coat! oh my!).

Photos from Carolines Mode and/or Because I’m Addicted.

Must-Haves from ModCloth

a. Five Oceans Pendant – $14.99

b. Raindrops on Railways Umbrella – $29.99

c. Barking Up the Write Tree Colored Pencils – $9.99

d. Just a Snippet Necklace – $11.99

e. Welcome to the Club Sandwich Coasters – $9.99

f. The Queen’s Speech Necklace – $64.99

g. Distinct Extinction Necklace – $79.99

h. Electric Garden Charging Station – $24.99

i. Fawn Never Stops – $15.99

j. Made to Measure Bracelet – $52.99

k. Trompe l’Aundry Hamper – $24.99

Organizationally Challenged Jewelry

I have about five different jewelry boxes and I’ve always tried to keep them as organized as possible, but it never seems to happen.  For anyone that’s ever spent a morning trying to untangle their favorite necklace from a pile of other jewelry, you understand.  Because of this, and because for some reason I have a difficult time remembering jewelry in the morning, I created a jewelry station next to my bedroom door.

Two cork boards and countless sewing pins (just some stuff I had lying around) make my life a lot easier.

The rest of my earrings are still in a box, but I manage (when I wear them).